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Buying a property can be a daunting experience and here at N.W.E Estates we are here to help you every step of the way. We ask that all our viewers are in a proceedable position so that means:

·        If you are purchasing with a mortgage, that you have a DIP (Decision in Principle) in place

·        If you have a property for sale, that you have already found a buyer for your property, who are also in a proceed able position.

·        You are a cash buyer and can provide proof of funds if requested.

For speed of sale and to enable us to best sell any potential Buyer to one of our Sellers, we recommend any Buyer uses solicitors and mortgage brokers who are known, and already proven to, N.W.E Estates. We can recommend brokers and solicitors who specialise in quick sales. N.W.E Estates represent, in the right circumstances, a "Win-Win" situation for both Buyer and Seller.

If you can’t see anything that matches your requirements thenplease call us on 01704 512 166 and speak to one of our team, who can consult with you on what you would like in an ideal property and alert you to anything that may be coming on the market that meets your criteria.